A t  H o m e  g a l l e r y

          Contemporary art center

Mliečňanská 7, 93101 Šamorín, Slovakia, tel: 421903255681  athomegallery@gmail.com


“Csaba and Suzanne Kiss have taken care of the deconsecrated Synagogue of Šamorín and made it  - just like their own living room in a block of flats - a high-standard exhibition space. Truly, I make a deep bow to their enthusiasm and dedication.”  

This independent, not-for-profit gallery in Šamorín, Slovakia, was established in 1995 in the apartment of the founders, Csaba and Suzanne Kiss, hence the name “At Home Gallery”. In 1996 they turned the disused, run-down former synagogue of Šamorín into a centre for contemporary art. The gallery hosts art exhibitions, concerts, performances and other cultural events, inviting artists and curators from home and abroad and encouraging cross-regional cooperation and cultural exchange whenever possible. Many of the exhibitions are site-specific installations that are sensitive to this unusual, historical space. The gallery is known as one of the foremost centres for contemporary art in Slovakia.

The year 2000 saw the start of a new phase in At Home Gallery’s activities in the opening of the”Arts House by the Synagogue”. The newly renovated building (a former Jewish school), situated behind the Synagogue, is offered as a home to artists, and is open for residencies, workshops, symposiums, exhibitions and performances.
The Arts House was ceremonially opened by the 14th Dalai Lama of Tibet in October 2000 during his first visit to Slovakia, which was organized by At Home Gallery.

The town of Šamorín is situated 16km from the capital, Bratislava, by the river Danube. Buses run frequently to Bratislava (a 25 minute ride), and from here it is easy to get to other major cities such as Vienna (65km), Budapest (180km), and Prague (340km), Košice (376),
 Kraków (356 km)